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Grain crops harvest from 76% of fields reaches 41.6 mln tonnes

Ukraine as of October 2 threshed 41.6 million tonnes of grain and leguminous crops from an area of 11.2 million hectares (76% of the forecast) with the yield of 3.71 tonnes per ha, Ukraine's Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food has said on its website.

The harvest of early grains and leguminous crops amounted to 34.3 million tonnes from an area of 9.9 million hectares with a yield of 3.48 tonnes per hectare.

Some 6.8 million tonnes of maize was threshed from 1.1 million hectares (25%) with the yield of 5.92 tonnes per hectare, some 108,000 tonnes of buckwheat was harvested from 87,000 hectares (80%) with a yield of 1.25 tonnes per hectare, and the total harvest of millet was 66,000 tonnes gathered from 43,000 hectares (82%) with a yield of 1.54 tonnes per hectare.

In addition, 9.4 million tonnes of sunflower seeds were harvested from 4.3 million hectares with a yield of 2.16 tonnes per hectare and 2 million tonnes of soybean from 816,000 hectares with a yield of 2.49 tonnes per hectare.

Some 2.7 million tonnes of rapeseeds were threshed from 1 million hectares with a yield of 2.61 tonnes per hectare.

A total of 3.2 million tonnes of sugar beets were dug from 67,000 ha (24%) with a yield of 48 tonnes per ha.

Along with the harvesting the autumn sowing campaign is under way. So, the farmers sowed 4.3 million hectares with winter grain crops, with a projected area of 7.2 million hectares. In addition, winter rapeseed was sown on 967,000 hectares with a projected area of 888,000 hectares.